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A Weekend Like None Other

There are new photos up in the photo gallery from my weekend in MI with Vanessa. Let it be known that Vanessa is the most wonderful woman I know. And I thank God everyday for her being apart of my life. Well, I have to head off to praise team practice. I’ll try to post more later.

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  1. i guess this means i’m not the most important person in your life anymore.

    i’m not crying


    in a huge puddle

    of tears


    but seriously, looks like a good time. you know what you should do after such a good time?

    BLOG! longer than two sentences.

  2. Hey… great pictures. You should come out sometime and check out the new stuff going on at camp… I just got done testing out the new sound system and visual equipment too. This weekend is womens retreat, so that’s probably not the best time, but pop out during the week or any other weekend if you want. Let me know ahead of time and there will probably even be a meal in it for you. You know the number… I think.

  3. For those that don’t know Vanessa and I met through eHarmony. And as it would happen right now my plan is to move to Michigan, so long as that’s God’s plan. I’m trusting in Him to work those details out. If I could just have my way I’d be moving out there right now, however my true desire is to be following God’s guidence in this relationship.

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