To Blog or Not To Blog, Why Not

As I was looking over the days RSS feeds I came across a news story on Digg by a mother. I just had to think again about this whole business of blogging. Even this past weekend as I looked through the classified ads that Vanessa had saved for me there was an article that talked about the dangers of blogging and trying to get a job. While I wouldn’t consider my blog to contain much of anything that is questionable, I still wonder about it all. I wonder if I should be so willing to participate in something that has so many dangers? Does my very involvement promote the activity to the youth that I am in contact with each week?

Blogs in and of themselves are not a bad thing. I’ve been blessed to meet some nice people through the blog-o-sphere and the encouragement I’ve received from friends and family that read my blog. I guess I’d like to think that my blog could be an area where I can lead by example. My concern is how huge of a spiritual battle ground the interent is, and I don’t want the young and the weak to be destroyed by that battle. This online world is a public one, but at the same time it can be hidden from those with the wisdom to teach our young generations.

Well, I’m suppose to be cleaning, so off I go…

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