Where’s The Line…Freedom in Christ or Good Witness

(1 Corinthians 14:13-25) In my devotion time today, Paul was again talking to the church in Corinth about matters of witness to unbelievers and escentially the freedom found in Christ. The problem for the early church, and I would say that this problem has not gone away, was that for the unbelievers (or even weak or new in faith) there were things that they didn’t understand which easily turned them off to Christianity. The hard part comes in that God has called us, as Christians, to be different than this world. While we are to be different we are also to do so, not in a way that turns people away, but in a way that draws other to Christ.

There comes decisions which have to be made between the freedom we have in Christ, and God’s calling of difference, and what is most important when wanting to bring other to Christ. We’ve all heard the term “seeker-sensitive” as it relates to Christian gatherings. There has been much debate about this, however the Bible clearly talks about the need for this in order to minister to the unbelievers.

What else makes this line so grey, and so hard to walk?

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