When God Says Move…You Sell Your House

So yes that’s a rather yuk-yuk pun. Just giving a little update as to the latest in the saga called my life. Oh, and don’t take that the wrong way, it was only ment in a rather sarcastic way. So on with it…I received my first offer on my house. It really isn’t what I’m hoping to get. The reality is if I was desperate I might take it, however that is not the case. I just can’t accept an offer that won’t give me the ability to actually make the move to Michigan. I know that it all needs to be left in God’s hands, and I’m not the greatest salesman, however I don’t really agree that I should intentionally take a hit on the sale and put God to the test. Frankly, we have been commanded not to put God to the test. In a way I guess the wait still continues. I’m planning on contact the first couple that looked at the house, to at least let them know that an offer has come in on the house. I might also try and contact this other couple from church that I’ve heard are looking for a house. I really just need to get a couple thousand more for the house and that would pretty much take care of all the expenses involved with moving. Well, it’s another late one so I’m going to leave things here for now.

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  1. first of all: way to say “yuk-yuk pun.” that was amazazing

    Secondly: I’m sure God will work all this out for what’s best in your life. I can see you are really relying on Him and trying to follow His will. I’m praying for you Tim.

  2. Tim:
    I don’t know what to say about the news that you are moving to MI. I guess the last time we heard from you we found out about Vanessa and now you are thinking about moving where she is.
    You know what Tim, when the Lord puts a desire in your heart, he will take care of the rest. We like to see things moving fast, but I warn you, be very pacient because sometimes it takes time. But, we are glad to know what is happening with you so we can pray for your plans and for God’s will to be clearly shown to you.
    By the way, we saw Vanessa’s pictures. She’s pretty. Maybe someday we can see you and meet her. Tim, you are a great guy and you deserve a wonderful woman in your life. We hope things work out for good. Write back and let us know how are things going with work and the sell of the house.
    See ya,

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