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Your Attention Please…

(Exodus 3:1-5) So God used a burning bush to get Moses attention. What does He use today to get our attention. I’m reminded of something a pastor said recently, “can we hear God’s whisper in this loud world?”, can we? The world that we live in is definitely busier and louder than in Biblical times. It took a burning bush even then to get Moses attention. Are we ready and willing to hear the whisper of God as He speaks to us?

One of my favorite songs right now is “Praise You in This Storm” and part of the chorus goes:

As the thunder rolls, I barely hear your whisper through the rain, “I’m with you”

That thunder is the things of this world, and the things we deal with in our lives that are shouting at us and drowning out God’s whisper. We are in such need of times of quiet, to get away from the busyness of life, so that we can be in a place to hear God’s voice.

God can use a lot of things to get our attention though. At times it seems that He usually attempts to get our attention most when hardship comes. I Do Not imply that all of our hardships are coming from God, actually God is not the one that makes hardships happen, rather He allows us to face hardships that are a result of a fallen world. Perhaps it is more a result of us realizing that we have a need for God during those hard times? When we can get through is on our own, or on the strength of those around us, where else is there to turn but God? It is however very sad that at times that is what it takes for us to come to Him. He desires to have a daily relationship, and walk, with us. Then again we so easy fall into the loud noise of this world. We get easily distracted when things seem to be going smoothly for us. God desires to share with us the goods times as well, not just the hard times.

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