Hardships…Who’s to Blame?

(Exodus 5:1-23) Initially it would seem that Moses and Aaron weren’t helping matters each time they talked to Pharaoh. The Isrealites even blamed them for making things harder for them. How did Moses and Aaron take that? Well we know that at least Moses in turn decided to blame God for what was happening to the Isrealites. It might seem that both the Isrealites and/or Moses were correct in placing blame, however they were wrong as God had a plan for it all.

I think about when things, even small things, don’t go our way we so easily look to place blame. I think it can be so easy for us to lose sight of the possibility that God is working. We can never fully understand God, and I know that there are so many times that life doesn’t make any sense. How is it that God can use the things He does, are allow things to happen, for His ultimate plan? That’s a question that I don’t see getting answered anytime soon. In fact even when we get to heaven, we may find no need for that question, and the millions of others, to even be answered.

So getting back to the title question. Who’s to blame? I would have to say that there is really no one too blame. The only thing that can be slightly blamed is the fact that there is sin in the world, and that will not change until Christ’s return. I think the best reaction is to take our times of frustration and our quesions to God and leave them in His hands. We can’t go wrong with putting our trust in a God that is greater than anything in this world. Amen!

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  1. I think you would agree that sometimes we are to blame. Ultimately, we can make poor decisions that have consequences.

    I do agree that if sin was not part of this world, we wouldn’t be tempted to do dumb things, and then suffer the consequences.

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