Night Owls Unite…

Eastern_Screech_Owl_RWD1_at_CRCSo yeah, I think I’ll forever be a night owl. Seems like no matter what I can get myself to bed early at all. Of course this makes it almost impossible to get up early in the morning. You’ll notice I didn’t get me devotions in this morning, er rather yesterday seeing as it’s already tomorrow. If there weren’t things going on so close to 5 I’d just get into work by 9 in the morning and work later. Well perhaps after this weekend we’ll giver a go again. So yeah, works been crazy as usual. Looks like I may have like 3 website jobs coming my way too. Jim & Ginny have been spreading the word. I’m grateful but I just don’t know how to fit it all in. Ah well, maybe it’ll turn into a full-time job, who knows at least I enjoy the work. Well, more after the weekend.

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