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Well a little more time has past since my last blog post. I actually had an idea the other day about starting a picture of the day posting, along with a brief highlight of the day. It would be a way to give you a little visual into this new point in my life, and a way to get some regular updates going again.

I think the reason that my postings have become more rare than they started out to be is the fact that I have someone in my life that I can so easily share my thoughts with. I guess I just don’t feel quite so lonely, as I did before. I know that I always had friends that I could call and talk with, and I still do that, but actually spending face time together with some, especially Vanessa, is such a huge thing for me.

Each day since I’ve been here has been one of new experiences. He’s been showing me so many things it almost seems impossible to keep up with it all. This reminds me that I need to get it planned out to start podcasting again. It just has seemed that I don’t quite have the same schedule that I had before. I think at times that my posting devotional thoughts each day has gotten me to a point by the weekend that I don’t feel like there is much left to talk about. I know that isn’t entirely true, but the ohter difference is that I’m not a part of a regular small group. This should have here by the start of the school year, as that’s when things get going again at church. I’m really looking forward to that opportunity to get to know more people.

I haven’t really gotten to making a whole ton of friends, although I never really have been that way anyways. I have been getting to know the two guys I work with pretty well. Yesterday we went to lunch at Qdoba which is a mexican restraunt out here. Their specialty is fresh burrito’s. They make them right in front of you, kind of like Subway does. We had so good talks about life & families. Today we went out to the Disc Golf course not to far from work. This is the second time I’ve gone with them. I’m not the greatest but at least this time I was only 8 points more than them. It’s always a little bit of a competition but most of all it’s a fun time to get out of the office during the day.

Work has been good. I really enjoy my job, but it always seems like it’s a chore to get out of there by 5pm. I think my personality really makes it hard for me to just quit at 5. I suppose this might change over time. I know that when I started working at my last job I was in the habit of working late all the time too. I think once I start getting involved with more things outside of work that will change things for me too.

I haven’t really gotten involved with anything at church yet. I’ve helped out Vanessa sometimes, I’m always willing to do that of course, but I haven’t really gotten involved with doing something on a regular basis. I’d be happy to help out anywhere I can. I’m pretty sure things will come together once the summer comes to a close, and people return from vacations.

I can honestly say that I’ve had so much fun getting to know Vanessa’s family and friends. Last weekend, Saturday, Vanessa and I took two girls that she used to nanny to Michigan’s Adventure. That is like Valleyfair from those of you in MN. I had so much fun going on the rides with them. The girls were so fun to hang out with, and we even got them to go on all the big roller coaster rides, and they are only 8.5 and 10.5 years old. After they went on those rides they like them so much they wanted to go again. During our lunch time, at the car, we all got into a little water fight. Although I’d have to say it was nothing compared to the water fight that occured the night before at Vanessa’s. Let’s just say I was soaked, and had to change clothes before we went to go get ice cream. I have to say that it’s hard to even imagine my world without Vanessa in it. I truly can’t wait for all of you to meet her at some point.

Well, my family is coming out for a visit this weekend, actually they’ll be heading out tomorrow morning and arriving sometime tomorrow evening. It’ll be fun to have them out for a more extended period of time. I don’t have a bunch of stuff planned, so we’ll just have to figure that out when the time comes.

So, it’s getting late once again, at least for here. It’s actually an hour later here, which also reminds me that I need to change the timezone settings on my blogs. That’s just one more thing that isn’t completely settled. I tell you that there are a lot more things to do when you move out of state. I’ve still yet to get a MI driver’s license and license plate. That’s about the last thing left at this point. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my house in Fergus has finally completed it’s sale. The check is already in the bank and the new owners are moved in. It’s nice to have that finally taken care of.

Ok, so that’s all for now folks. Catch you tomorrow perhaps, if I start the daily photo posts. 😀

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  1. um…yeah…remember how you haven’t brought her up to minnesota yet. so…its not my fault i haven’t met her. and yes, this very well could be considered a subtle hint. btw, if you ever came on ichat, we could totally video chat, since i have my sweet new imac with built in isight.

    anyway, i’d love to talk to you sometime. i haven’t been on msn or ichat much lately, but hopefully sometime i’ll talk to you.

    later from teh boring minnesota.

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