Days of Dancing

I happy to say that the dancing seems to be going really well. We had our first class last night and we even got a little practice in tonight. Actually, funny enough Vanessa gave me a call tonight right as I was trying to work out some of the dance moves myself. She came over to my place to join me in some practicing. We had so much fun just working on the steps and laughing with each other. I really can’t help but smile as I look into Vanessa eyes as I lead her while we dance. So the verdict comes in, a German man & a Dutch woman can dance together. 😉

Things have been quite crazy as of late. Last week starting Friday it seemed like it was 2.5 days of running. I got involved with doing sound for a new ministry that launched at church this past Sunday. It was a little intense and even a little intimidating. I haven’t even been going to Daybreak long and I’m already been a part of so many things. Don’t misunderstand me here. It’s been wonderful to be able to be serving at church, that’s one thing I love to do so much.

Well, work continues to keep me busy of course. It’s sort of hard to really talk about my job. A lot of what I do is so technical that only a very few would even understand what I’m talking about. I do still enjoy my job a lot. Every day there seems to be a new challenge before me, or some new idea to try. I can see however that I am missing being involved in the whole IT world. I don’t nearly keep up on all the techie stuff I used to. Most of my world revolves around web design and database development. This isn’t all bad, I’ve been able to develop these skill even more since I’ve started working here. Actually, it’s kind of cool to be able to focus on this area. I’ve been involved in the whole web thing for so many years, now I can devote all my working days to this area of the techie world. I am seeing that I really need to work on reclaiming my creative side. I’ve been so involved in the technical world that I’ve lost some of the freedom found in the creative world.

I do have to say, I miss so many of you guys back in MN. It’s been great to see some of you online and catch up, even for only a short while. Hopefully it’ll work out to see some of you in December. Thank you all for your efforts to keep in touch. I hope you can hear how much joy I have living here though. Every day God brings something else my way to show me how He brought me here, that it wasn’t just my decision to be close to Vanessa. I do see however that God has blessed both Vanessa and I so much in our relationship. I do love her very much. She always knows how to show me she cares for me and encourages me in so many ways. I am so blessed beyond what I deserve.

Well, I do suppose that I’d better cut things off here before it gets beyond late. God bless to all!

P.S. If you haven’t checked out the photo gallery lately there are pictures that both Vanessa and I have uploaded of things we’ve done since I’ve been here. Keep a look out for photos from the big Birthday bash this Saturday. 😀

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