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Life Without Internet…Wednesday

So back to Wednesday…it was a bit of a crazy day, as most Wednesdays are. I basically headed straight to church after work. I had Sunday Morning Worship Team practice before youth group. I started early with just Brad. It can be a real challenge for me as I’m not used to playing in more of a backup role on the guitar. I feel pretty clueless as to how to play. What didn’t help matters either was that a lot of the songs I either didn’t know or have never played on the guitar. (I’ve since remedy some of this by more practicing on my own, and I found a couple of the songs on iTunes as we play them. Thanks Passion Worship Band) The youth praise team was leading during youth group that night too. I was a little nervous as to how this would go, and who would actually show up. I ended up deciding to do music in the sanctuary due to equipment needs. This wasn’t ideal but it did work out. The team really did a good job, and this was with a change up in the order to fit with the night.

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