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Far And Few Between…

I know it can only be a quick one. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. I remember the days when I could barely posting only single entry each day on my blog. I’m really thinking once life settles down a little, that I really want to get back into at least giving some updates with what Vanessa and I are up to.

Only 19 more days until I’ll be a married man! I really can hardly believe it. And the thing that seems even more amazing is that I’m going to be marrying an unbelievable and amazing woman like Vanessa. I only wish that it was easier for everyone that I know from back in MN to have the time to get to know her as I do.

I still wonder at times what there can really be about me that has put the desire in Vanessa to want to be my wife. It really seems like she could do a lot better than me. The thing that I truly believe however, is that this wasn’t something that Vanessa and I did. I can only see that God has had a bigger plan for bringing us together than we could have ever seen. I know that both of us can look back on our pasts and wonder how it is that it took those things to bring us together now. Why couldn’t we have found each other years ago? I think God’s plans and timing are always better than anything we can come up with. Yesterday evening, after watching a wonderful movie “Facing the Giants”, I broke down in tears of joy as I looked back on how God took the last 10 years of my life to prepare me for the life I’m about to begin with Vanessa. And I was amazed at how God answered my desire in His perfect timing. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t thank God for bringing Vanessa and I together. How great, how true, and faithful He is. We serve an amazing God!

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