Using WordPress As My Note Taking Tool

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So this past Sunday, in a continued effort to find my replacement note taking tool for Evernote, I decided to give my blog a try as a not taking tool. I have the Android app on my phone and tablet so that step made things fairly easy. For the most part things went very well, except I still don’t like the lack of Post Format editing support in the mobile app. I still had to switch over to the web to refine my final note the way I liked it to be.

Did some Googling to see what other people’s experiences have been with trying this. Might have to give some of their suggestions a try as well.

Taking Notes in WordPress

WordPress as a note taking tool

Use WordPress as an Evernote replacement

I think I’m going to continue to give it a go for awhile. I’m still trying to decide how I should organize things and what might be private versus public. We’ll see what happens.

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