Contributing to WordPress: Moving From User to Contributor – WordCamp Grand Rapids 2019 Lightening

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1. Introduction

WordPress History

  • 2005 – First Blog
  • 2006 – First Podcast
  • 2008 – First Custom Theme/Plugin
  • 2013 – First WordCamp
  • 2014 – First Time WordCamp Volunteer
  • 2018 – First WooCommerce Site
  • 2018 – First Time WordCamp Speaker
  • 2018 – Full Co-Maintainer to Plugin

2. What Does It Mean To Be A Contributor

All you need is a desire to help.

  • Give Your Time
  • Share Your Knowledge & Experience
  • Use Your Talents

3. Give Your Time

4. Share Your Knowledge & Experience

5. Use Your Talents


  • Help maintain the website content for a local non-profit, school, or community service organization.
    • Type and/or write copy.
    • Take photos and prepare them for their website.
    • Organize a website marketing/content calendar.
  • Help to translate WordPress and/or your favorite plugins – Translator’s Handbook
  • Help update the WordPress documentation – Documentation Contributor Handbook


  • Assist with plugin fixes and enhancements.
    • Look at the Support forums and submit a patch/fix or new feature.
    • Look at the plugin’s own Issues Tracker(GitHub?) and submit a patch/fix or new feature.
  • Contribute to WordPress Core – Developer Hub

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  1. Great job on the presentation. I’m jazzed about Hacktoberfest!

    1. Tim Nolte says:

      My pleasure Joseph. I’m so happy I could share with the group and inspire others to taken the next step!

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