WordCamp GR 2017 – Computers <3 Structured Data – Steve Grunwell

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What is Structured Data?

  • Standards to help computers to understand our content.
  • Content is for humans. Structured data is for machines.

Structured Data

  • Structured data is all about providing context
  • itemtype/itemprop/content


  • HyperText and eXtensible Markup Language
  • Meant to convey information in a meaningful way
  • Generic layout


  • An extension of XML for content sydication
  • Introduced structure: post titles, content, dates
  • Standardized and can be validated

Microformats & Dublin Core

  • Competing standards for rich data
    • Dublin Core is a specific set of standards, but designed to be limited in scope
      • Uses meta tags
    • Microformats – uses class names

Resource Description Framework (RDF)

  • A specification for modeling metadata
  • New attributes


  • Facebook’s social graph
  • Used to create rich media when sharing content on the platform
  • Uses metatags


  • Structured data standard with broad vocabulary
  • Supported by Google, Microsoft, etc

A Thing For All Occasions

  • Thing
    • CreativeWork
      • Article
        • SocialMediaPosting
          • BlogPosting


  • Thing: Name/description
    • CreativeWork: Date created/license/publisher
      • Article: Article body/word count

Schema as JSON-LD (JSON for Linked Data)

Why is Structured Data Important?

  • Helps machines handle data better
  • SEO
  • Semantics and accessibility
  • Disambiguation

Google’s Knowledge Graph

  • Enhanced results from structured data
  • search engine => answer engine
  • Google Home/Assistant

Leveraging Structured Data

  • Google’s Testing Tool
  • Schemify – WordPress Plugin

“Never forget, the content you write is for humans, not machines.”


  • Google – Structured Data Testing Tool

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