Warming Up With The Pace

When you are a runner the colder winter temperatures are either a motivator or a demotivator. You are either going to be motivated to keep going, and keep warm, or you are going to be demotivated to not even step out the door. For me, most days my decision to run has little to so with the outside temperature, or weather. My decision usually depends on how tired I feel and if I want to go back to bed. Once I get out the door, then the outside temperature is my motivation for how fast I’m going to run. This morning the single digit temp helped me kick things up a notch.

During my run, most of my thoughts were on the Sierra Leone team and the trip that is in the works. The team has come together but we are really in need of a woman to go along. I’m looking forward to seeing how God works everything out for the team.

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