A Dry And Weary Land

Still need some partners to help me bring clean water to another 56 people, $375, before I run the in October. Donate Today: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr

When the dry season hits it can be very hard on people, especially when their only source of water is a small stream, pond, or small hole dug in the ground. What is even worse is the many hand dug wells that just dry up because they don’t go down far enough. When Hope Water helps to put a well in you can be sure it’s a well that won’t dry up during the dry season. When I visited a village in e Sierra Leone, a Peace Corps worker there shared with our team that the well we helped put in literally saved the village during the dry season, as the other 2 wells had dried up.

I’m enjoying these cooler mornings for my training runs. That crispness in the air keeps you cooled down, and for me keeps me energized.

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