Knocking Out The Saturday Morning Long Run – 25K Training

I honestly don’t know what changed this week, but as far as my running goes I have felt great this week. Knocking out the runs with paces that have far exceeded my expectations. I’m not sure if this means my training schedule is too easy for where I’m really at or I am just pushing myself too hard. One would like to think that after training and completing 4 marathons that you would see some improvements. However, I’m getting older so that typically means getting slower, but I’m fortunately not seeing that yet.

I would have to say that many of my fast runs this week have easily been affected by tuning into the worship running music I listen too. Instead of being the one doing all of the “talking” while I’m running I’m doing more listening. I’m also focusing less on the mechanics of my running and more or less just doing some small adjustments when something doesn’t feel right. All-in-all I’m letting my body do what it knows to do and my mind is just along for the ride.

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