WordCamp US 2019 – How the WordPress Community Can Embrace the Next Generation (Talk + Panel)

Talk – Olivia Bisset


If WordPress doesn’t become attractive to the next generation it will become a relic.


  • Don’t use the word kids, use words like teens and students
  • Make regular tracks attractive to to young people
  • Market to young people, don’t make it all about old people


  • Don’t use foul language, make it family friendly


  • Take your kids to events
  • Support your kids to see talks that are relevant for them


  • WordPress is a good publishing tool for kids
  • Writing content helps students develop their writing skills
  • Have an “Hour of Code”

Block Editor

  • Students liked the Block Editor


Dina Butcher, Ema DeRosia, Emily Lema, Sophie DeRosia, Olivia Bisset, Natalie Bourn

Kids are using the WordPress platform to share about themselves and have a voice. This includes talking about things like mental health.

Kids are attracted to the WordPress community

Kids are using WordPress for school projects

The WordPress community can, and has, helped young people grow and learn how to be effective communicators.

The WordPress community provides many different avenues to learn about

The WordPress community can’t treat kids like a novelty. They need to be felt like it is normal for them to be here.

WordPress is about more than just code, and it needs to be presented that way to kids.

Schools and teachers need better tools for kids to find homework and turn in homework. WordPress can be a very simple tool for students to do this.

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