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5 Wintery Miles For Clean Water

Even though it is now considered the “off season” for the West Michigan team, the need for clean water hasn’t been completely met. Thanks to the work of the team this past year many thousands more will have access to clean water, but the harsh reality is that there are still thousands more that will still not have access to clean water. This is another reason why I feel compelled to keep running, even through the winter months, to continue to bring awareness to the huge need that is still before us. I would love to see people step into this Christmas season with a heart to make a global and lifelong impact and give the gift of clean water.

Give The Gift Of Clean Water:

The piles of snow that remained on the sidewalks, in some places, made for a challenging run at times. If I hadn’t slowed down and taken my time going through some of those spots I would have surly taken a dive. Fortunately, I made sure to run safe instead fast this morning.

By Tim Nolte

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