Today Started Out Good, But Ended With Me Dropping Facebook Officially

This morning I ran 5+ miles. It was a great time of prayer and thinking of the people in Sierra Leone and being concerned that with -19 putting people out of work will raising money for more wells be put at risk.

The day ended with me deactivating my Facebook account, with no real intent on returning, out of frustration with people that call themselves Christ followers, people that I once called friends. Their behavior towards the pandemic makes them appear like they have little regard for human life, or caring about others more than themselves.

I think what’s even worse than jumping the Facebook ship is the fact that a lot of these people are also connected with my running group, and I’m not sure I can run with them any longer. I will still keep running on my own as I can’t imagine giving up on the people of Sierra Leone, especially since I have a personal connection with many there from my trip there in 2018. I’ll be setting up a new fundraiser page soon for this year. To date I have about $700 that has been set aside to match all gifts that are given to my account.

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