Cutting My Long Run Short, And A Couple Of Injuries Along The Way

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Today was an early morning to get my long run in before family stuff. I hit the road around 4am and things were going good, up until between mile 7 & 8 when I tried getting off the road for an oncoming car and ran into some sort of poll tearing my watch of my arm and scraping my wrist.

I thought the rest of the run would be fine after that. However, I got to about 14 miles and was passing by some construction and I totally didn’t see the missing sidewalk and bit the dust something terrible, going down hard. My knees where all banged up and bleeding. I managed almost another 3 miles before making it home with blood running down my legs. This was definitely not one of my good days. I’m sore but was glad to have made it home still running, but a bit slower. I need to make sure I put fresh batteries in my headlamp next time since it was getting a bit too dim. Maybe I wouldn’t have had this accident if I would have had better lighting.

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