Working Back Into The Running Plan After Returning From An Extended Vacation

I almost didn’t make it out this morning after a rather late night and not much sleep. Even though I didn’t get my 5 miles in according to the plan I did get yesterday’s 3 Miles in today. The extended vacation to Southern Kentucky didn’t lend itself to keeping up on my training runs. Hopefully I can catch up and get to where I need to be.

Next week will bring another vacation, and most likely some additional training runs lost so I’m going to need to make this next week-and-a-half count with my training runs. There are always challenges with trying to balance training and summer vacations. In the past I’ve done my best to maintain my training despite being on vacation, however it’s always been a challenge, and not always very nice for my family.

I recently read an article about running while on vacation. I was surprised to read that many top runners refuse to run on their vacations. The only exception was if the timing of an upcoming race required it. In the past I have been super focused on how I was going to get my runs in instead of how I was going to enjoy the time spent with my family.

Everyone needs to make their own choices but, with precious little time I have left with my kids before they’ve grown, I’m making the choice to enjoy the family vacations without the pressures of getting in my training runs.

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