Training During The Winter, Treadmill Alternatives

photo credit: Lenny K Photography Wintery Road Wonderland via photopin (license)

So up until the end of December I’d been sticking out running outside. Since the snow began to fly I’ve taken things indoors on the dreaded treadmill. 😉 Currently the treadmill running has been thanks to a great 3-month deal on a gym membership. Once we move into our new house in February/March I’ll be on our own treadmill, which we picked up cheap(used) before Christmas. I’m planning on joining some of the Hope Water Project – Team Daybreak group runs starting this Saturday, which brings me to considering what it means to run in the cold. I came across this Runner’s World post today that has many ideas on ways to keep training in the Winter months, or cold climates. I think the most interesting idea that I’d never thought of was finding a parking garage, even more specifically an underground one. Parking garages have a lot of running space and are usually out of the elements, and mostly free from things like ice. The article does speak about ways to make the “dreaded treadmill” not so dreaded. Going to have to give some of these ideas some consideration. I really can’t wait to get back outside again though!


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