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Xanga Cross-Posting…

Ok, so I decided to see how I can keep the camp staffers aware that I’ve got new posts on my blog. Found a plugin that allows me to cross-post with my Xanga account. So now people can see what’s new either place. This should be pretty slick. I’ll be posting more later today.

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Another Day, Another Dollar…

Well another day gone. I didn’t feel like I got as much done today as I wanted, but that always seems to be the case. I didn’t even make it to any breaks today. Nothing too special went on today other than the normal Tuesday/Thursday work. Got an exciting email today. Moe Gifts had it’s […]

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Being More Social?

Well, I would say that basically I’m pretty social when it comes to being a geek. I can talk about more than just geeky stuff but give me someone that’s interested and I can definately talk geek. This is probably do to the fact that I listen to a ton of geek Podcasts. This reminds […]

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Great IM Converstations…

I had some excellent IM conversations tonight. Was talking with Ginny and catching up to what their family has been up to. Sounds like Jim is getting steady business. He’s been doing a lot of work for Wells Fargo. And the home schooling has been going good too. We ended up talking about relationship stuff. […]

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Another Day of Wireless…

Well, today I was working a lot with tweaking the wireless setup on the laptops. I was able to get them to authenticate and login to the domain all wirelessly. Only problem is this was through the IBM ThinkPad wireless configuration tool. I need to figure out how to configure this via straight Windows XP. […]