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When The Well Runs Dry…

That title actually has a couple of meaning this morning. As I drove myself to work this morning it kind of hit how spiritually dry I feel today. This comes from the lack of reading and morning quite time I’ve had for most of the week. Oh how I long for those days of having […]

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What’s Up With Me Today…

Of course, anyone that read my blog earlier, or will read my earlier post, will know that my day started out kind of crappy. Let’s just say that my mind and emotions got the better of me. Thanks to God for great friends and encouragers. I’m not sure if perhaps Caristy read my blog and […]

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Is There An Online Spiritual Battle Raging?

Here’s some thoughts I had while chatting on IM tonight. timnolte: I’m getting this sense that there is a big battle raging right now for our youth timnolte: I’m starting to question where this blog thing is taking people timnolte: I’ve actually noticed a few concerning things as I’ve browsed through some of the camp […]