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Is There An Online Spiritual Battle Raging?

Here’s some thoughts I had while chatting on IM tonight.

timnolte: I’m getting this sense that there is a big battle raging right now for our youth
timnolte: I’m starting to question where this blog thing is taking people
timnolte: I’ve actually noticed a few concerning things as I’ve browsed through some of the camp staff xanga sites too
timnolte: I’m starting to feel like this battle is taking place on the internet where parents can’t see it
timnolte: I started getting this thought about there being a need for a ministry that focuses on youth who spend a lot of time online….
timnolte: I think the lack of physical interaction and a false sense of anonymity is giving Satan an opening for his lies
timnolte: I don’t know but is has me very concerned…
timnolte: I’m feeling I need to be bringing God’s light into this area, which brings to mind a need for me to be putting God first even in my own blog…
K* N*: interesting.
K* N*: you see, in my day […] i have written some pretty dark stuff in my diary.
K* N*: you just have days, and you are crying out.
K* N*: and you feel like noone is listeing.
timnolte: that’s what I’d like to think
K* N*: but if other people can read it and be affected by it…
timnolte: one concern I have is that Christians are thinking that too many things are “just part of the culture” when in fact it’s really a lie and we aren’t following what God would have us do
timnolte: we are suppose to live in the world but be different from it
timnolte: too many times I think we get those lines blurred
timnolte: I just have a heart for youth and hate to see all the junk that the world throws at them

That’s is the jist of where my mine id at right now. It’s late and I need to be getting to bed. I was out playing Settler’s of Catan again, which was fun but it got abit later tonight. There are youth and people coming over tomorrow night for games and stuff so I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow. Well more this weekend I hope. This going to bed early has really been putting a damper on my blogging. I’m going to have to try and do it more throughout the day. Perhaps more in the morning. Chow all!

Oh, one final note, so I’m an official member of eHarmony, why not maybe it’ll work, probably not. I found a discount on the membership. I actually began the first step in communicating with someone in St Cloud, but no response yet. I’ve probably already turned her off. Guess it’s going to be just the single life for me. People can only handle so much weirdness. Ok, off to the sack!

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  1. Personally I’d rather see that people are being real, even if the things they’re being real about is sin. At least then, as spiritual leaders, we can address the specific issues and have an opportunity to really help people. Otherwise, sin stays in the dark, no one receives encouragement, and we continue along in our lonely defeated lives. I use my student’s blogs as a way to see what they truly value and believe, which allows me to be a much more effective minister on their behalf.

  2. Yes, I would agree. I’m seeing now that as youth leaders and parents we have to be aware of the things our youth are doing, this includes the online world. I know that a lot of parents don’t want concern themselves with the online world because they don’t understand it. This is not good, parents should get help to understand it so they can at the very least be more informed of how their children are feeling. I’m thinking this Saturday I want to make a point of talking with all the youth leaders at our meeting about being active in knowing what our students are doing on their blogs. You’re right in this can be a very good tool in ministering to the needs of our youth. I think what my eyes are opening to through this medium is how much attack our youth are under by the world.

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