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When The Well Runs Dry…

That title actually has a couple of meaning this morning. As I drove myself to work this morning it kind of hit how spiritually dry I feel today. This comes from the lack of reading and morning quite time I’ve had for most of the week. Oh how I long for those days of having a couple hours before I head off to work to enjoy the morning and spend some time in the word. And to the times I had to read a chapter in a good book before I drifted off to sleep. These are things I’m really hoping to get back in my routine. It’s basically come to light that I am a total creature of habit/routine. Once I can get into a rythm things are pretty good, but it’s trying to get out of a rythm, or maybe even it’s old self, that’s where things are tough. I think I’m seeing a little bit of a spiritual battle going on here. I so want to be in the Word daily, filling myself up, but the things going on in my life are just doing all they can to keep me from that. I have to make the decision to just forget about what’s going on in my life right now, an just get back to God.

The other small relation to the title is the fact that it’s been so long since my last blog post. I’ve probably lost my audience, as little as it is/was but that is fine. My blog was never intended to my pouring out to others, even though it’s maybe become that. For me if just feels good to be writing and really thinking about what’s going on in my life. This is something this is apart of the Learning Circle, you know the Life Shapes, and I’ve come to find how much truth and life there is in those shapes. Well, I’ve cut into my work time a bit so off I go.

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  1. Hey Tim,

    Wow. You write with such honesty… thats an awesome gift; even if you cant see that right now.
    There is nothing more important than your time with God, he longs to have that relationship that you can call him “Daddy” my dear Friend, I say this speaking to myself as well, so dont feel as if I’m pointing fingers but maybe we both need to re prioritize our lives. Even with work. We shove God off in wanting more time on the computer, more time with friends… whatever, when really we should do it the other way around. You know this already, but know tht you are not alone, and that I will be praying that you find tht time and that unquenchable desire to spend time with Dad more than anyone or thing else. Stay faithful and remember that God is right there willing to fight this spiritual battle along with you… we just have to let Him.
    Be refreshed with His water

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