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Devotions this morning says, as Christians, we should not be thinking “I can’t”, at least in following God’s direction. This is so very true, Jesus pointed out what little faith we have, and how little faith it takes to even move a mountain. I think of the times I have thought, “I just can’t do this”, because of circumstances in my life. Shame on me if I’m failing to follow God’s leading.

This lead into a four week study on marriage & family. It mentions that a woman ought not to even think about getting involved with a man that isn’t interested in working & obeying God. “Manhood is more than the ability to wear pants. It’s the ability to take devine truth and make it work in the home.” How very true words. Amen.

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  1. I know that gender roles, especially in the Christian realm, has been a hot topic. I think the thing to realize is that our culture is always going to be fighting God’s design for all aspects of our life. People want to argue that Bible translations are gender biased. When the Scripture speaks of how a family is supposed to be, it makes a very clear distinction between husband and wife. What I think the author here is getting at is the responsibility of the husband to be the spiritual leader in the family. This isn’t the all-encompasing measure of a man, this is only a small part of the responsibility of a husband and father.

    I think when we start gender nuetralizing God, and it disgusts me when God is referred to as “she”, that we will soon break all truth in scripture. How much farther do we have to go before we say that Jesus Christ wasn’t the Messiah because he was a man and not a woman. God intentionally created man & woman differently.

    When we disagree with the way God created things, what are we saying about His truth, and our faith?

  2. Yeah, sorry about that. I figured that was a light question, and I kind of went off on a rant I guess. I guess too I was thinking about the world at large that might be reading that question, and my response to it. I kind of took the opportunity to voice my thoughts on a little bit larger subject. Lara, please don’t take that personal. Although, I don’t mind getting into theological discussions. 🙂

  3. very true, but just as much as a man has things he has to live up to, so does the woman, i think we leave that part off and we as the wife and mother get off easy. a relationship is a 2 way thing… so the household doesnt work unless they’re both working towards glorifying God
    God Bless

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