Time To Get Serious: A True Know-It-All

Psalm 139:1-6, Omniscience, all-knowing, this one attribute of God the I know that I acknowledge but haven’t given it much thought in how it affects my day-to-day actions. The Psalms say that He knows our words before they are even spoken. It would be nice to think that just like a parent keeping and eye on a child, and the child being good until the parent looks away, that we would easily choose the do and think about good things only as God is always watching us. It kind of blows me away to see how much control sin can have over us and this world. What is even more amazing is that God knows all the junk we’ve done, are doing, and will do, yet He still loves us. This was exactly why He sent His sone to die for us. How awesome it is to think about how endless God’s love and forgiveness are.

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