Time To Get Serious: He’s Everywhere

Isaiah 43:1-7, God is omnipresent, today’s reading is talking about how God is everywhere and cannot be contained. However, it talks about two different kinds of being present. One is His essence and being everywhere in His fullness, the other is His presence in His relationship to us. When Jesus was on the cross, God the Father was there, but Christ called out “My God! Was have You forsaken Me”, so there was a lack of God Father’s relationship being there. This passage in Isaiah is talking about how God has a special presence with His children, which is not there with those that aren’t His children. As Christians, God is not only around us but with us every step on our walk. This reminds me of the “Footprints in the Sand” story/peom. God is always there for us whether we know it or not, or think about it. He is not only omnipresent in the world/universe but omnipresent in our lives. I praise and thank God for that!

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