Time To Get Serious: Telling The Truth

Isaiah 6:1-7, this morning I’m feeling very OK with my openness on my blog. I’m also once again thankful for Bruce’s comments to me yesterday. Today’s topic of truth talked about how as people we tend to sugar-coat the truth or complete lie with people. It is so easy for us to be shallow, and “nice Christians” that would do say the hard things that count. God of course is nothing like that and shares with us the complete honest truth, whether hard to hear or not.

This devotional also does a little convicting, as it should, as I know that I stay pretty quite many times and don’t open up and be honest with people. How many times have we all, when being asked “How are you today?”, simply reply with a “Good” or “Great” even though truely we are not and would truely like to talk, or even cry, with someone. I think it is so easy for us as Christians to think that we must put up the image of everything being perfect and OK all the time, that we never run into hardships or times when Satan is really working at us. It is the honest between Christians that brings us together. I know I’m the chief of sinners in this area.

As with many I’m sure that lie that people might turn their back on you if your open and honest with them is an easy one to believe. The reality of it is, that even if we are honest with people and they do turn their backs on us, God will not. Think about it He sent His son to die for us already know our faults, but He did it anyways. His love is unconditional, forever, through Christ. I know that I’m going to to have to trust in God to work on me to be more open and honest. This is going to be very hard for an introvert, but nothing is beyond God’s ability. Let’s all begin, not to stand behind just being a “nice Christian”, but let follow Christ’s lead in being an honest one.

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