Friday & Traveling…

Well Friday was a typical day. The construction on my new office is taking a little longer than originally hoped. It looks like I should be in by next Wednesday, the server equipment will have to wait until next Friday. I had to take an early lunch break so I could be home while they fixed my internet. It ended up being some problem with the signal coming from the poll. Basically I ended up eating my lunch while I continued working at my desk. I took off early to head to Brainerd for the evening, to say a final goodbye to my brother. He was shipped out at about 1am Saturday. I didn’t stay to actually see him off as I wanted to get home at a decent time. HP LaserJet 4M PlusMy Dad brought the computer equipment he got for me from his work, they were having a yard sale of sorts. He has explained that they’ve now got all-in-one copier/printers that they use now. I got two laser printers & a bunch of hard drives. When I got home that night I decided to get one of the printers hooked up. It was pretty slick as both printers have networking cards and are Mac compatible. The one I’m keeping even has a duplexing unit. It works pretty sweet. I picked up some laser paper for it today. The other printer I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.

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