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So What’s Been Going On…

I think I’m going to work my way back on this one. I’ll start with today and work my way backwards. (ok, as I start I realized it’s much easier to start at the beginning of a day and work through it, so this is going to be kind of weird to follow, oh well) Before I begin I have to say, the saying that “dogs are a man’s best friend” is so true. My dog Sweetie is so awesome. Show me a cat that picks up on the meaning of “It’s time for bed”. Dog’s have all the smarts, they’re awesome.

Today I was able to get up at like 5:30, and this gave me a good amount of time. I did some devotions but I really need to get up at like 5 to make the most of it. Got into work and started the day. Most everything was typical, some computer problems cropped up that I tried to resolve quickly so I could get back to the data entry work. I had a short time of talking with Todd. We’re suppose to have an actual meeting on Mondays but unless there is something in perticular we need to meet about it’s not really needed. I guess it’s a matter of us making it a priority. I did share with him about my feelings about the great ministry need with youth. I finally got my ShutterFly and Kodak iPhoto pictures. They actually came on Friday but after I left for the day. Basically the Kodak photos won, they were much more vivid. I think I might try the same 4 photos through SnapFish and Wal-Mart to get a good comparison of the services. I’m sure someone has already done this, but sometimes it’s good to see first hand. I really don’t know how much I’m going to be actually deveolping photos. I may do a photo Christmas card or something. My photos are up on my blog for all to see, so I see no sense in developing them. I usually have my iBook with me wherever I go so I can show people on there too. John O. stopped by my office and we got his PocketPC working on the secure wireless system. I was happy to see that our setup is versatile enough. After work I finally got my pickup load of leaves taken to the dump. I’m getting used to driving my truck again, which is good. Boy is it a difference to go from power-steering to no power-steering. After that I did some supper. Then came the catchup on entering my receipts and doing my bills. I really need to get back to entering my receipts into Quicken each day rather than waiting. I pretty much know what I have for money but I don’t want to miss something. After that I got an IM from someone unexpected. Actually it was someone that found my blog through Technorati. Right at that same time my friend John called. I’d been waiting for his call for a week or so. He had an idea for a garage sale website service. We walked about ecommerce and online businesses a bit and caught up a little. He told me that he and Melissa are expecting a baby! Wow, i wasn’t even sure if they were going to have kids. It’s awesome. i’m going to try to get together with him over Thanksgiving. After that I got back to the IM that I got. She did a search for eHarmony cause she’s a member also. She had let a comment and then IM’d me seeing that I was online via my blog status indicators. She was really just wondering where I got the IM status indicators but our conversation went on for awhile. I checked out her blog too. It’s kind of funny, looking through her blog, she’s seems like someone that has a lot of similar interests as me. She’s a Christian too. We determined that one reason we haven’t been matched up on eHarmony is cause I put no drinkers, and she does drink. That’s fine, I’m just looking for someone who also doesn’t care to drink. It was a good talk, I look forward to any future converstations. It got me think how Technorati is really bringing us back to how the Web was originally intended to be. It was all about information linking to other information, thus Web. Technorati does this and allows people to connect thie way also. It’s pretty sweet. Well then it was to the blog. Oh yeah, I also got the movie Hackers encoded to MP4/AAC to play on my Palm. It was actually the second time, the first time I tried H.264 encoding and it was totally choppy on the Palm.

So yesterday stared pretty funny. I woke up at like 6:59 am. The thing of it was, when I woke up (before the alarm went off) I thought it was 6:59 pm. I freaked out thinking I had slept through the whole day, missing church & playing on the praise team & Jeanette’s birthday party. Well, after running downstairs I found it was only the AM and still had an hour to sleep. So I went back to bed for a little while. I got up, had breakfast, got ready for church, and head out. I got there right at the end of the first service. Once the people cleared out I got my guitar plugged in and tuned. The practice/warmup time went pretty smooth and quick. This time I felt pretty comfortable with how I was playing. After the service I tried to find Andrew F., I thought we were going to go for lunch, but he was no where to be found. It was ok cause that game me my afternoon and saved some cash. I worked on the World Missions CDs and pretty much got that done, I did have to work on them a little more that night. It was a little different process to get the video encoded as I wasn’t going from an iMovie project but straight from a DVD. I finally went with MPEG-4 for the encoding. I think they turned out pretty well. Got over to Applebee’s at about 6:00 pm for the party. It was good, I was able to catch up with Carrie & Henrick who I hadn’t seen for a long time. they are expecting another baby. Henrick is looking to got for his Masters in the Twin Cities, so if he gets in they will probably be moving. After the supper at Applebee’s we all headed over to Kari’s for dessert and games. The dessert was pretty much all chocolate so I decided to pass. I pretty much just stayed for awhile and talked. I left before they started playing games as it was already 9:00 pm and I need to get to bed at a decent time if I was going to be able to try and get up at 5:00 am.

Ok, I think I’ll talk about Saturday & Friday briefly as I see this post is getting pretty long. I’m sure I’ve lost most people by now. I should try writing a book, LOL.

So Saturday I had the small group leaders meeting for youth group. It was ok but the stuff we went over was something we went over when I first started. It wasn’t really anything new, but it was good to talk about some of the experiences we’ve had in small groups. After that I went out to lunch with Alex. It was a good time to catch up. We talked a bunch about his blog. I’m better understanding how he’s been approaching his blog and where some of the stuff is coming from. I can kind of identify with some of what he was talking about. I can be easier sometimes to talk more about the things we are questioning and have a hard time with then the good things. After lunch I rushed him home for a family issue. Alex and his family need a lot of pray these days. Later that afternoon I decided to finish working on cleaning up the leaves. I got pretty much everything cleaned up. I decided to leave some leaves spread out and cut them up with the mower. I’ll probably need to take another small load of leave to the dump. I didn’t do much that night, other than do a lot of communicating on eHarmony. A match that was found on Friday responded back on the first step. We got all the way through to the last step in the closed communication on Saturday. On Sunday, we actually had the first email type of communication. I’m not sure where this might go. Like I’ve already said, time will tell. (no more communication as of Monday)

Friday was a good day at work but kind of crazy. I had to change gears a lot and ended up working right through lunch, which I haven’t done in awhile. I took off at like 3:30 since I didn’t have a lunch. This gave me a good amount of time to get ready for people coming over that night. The guys (youth and leaders) were invited to come over at 6:00 pm for games and snacks. Not that many guys came but ben brought a friend, he brought Star Wars Risk which we decided to play. I had actually never even played Risk. It took some learning but it was good overall. I’d enjoy playing again sometime. After that everyone but John O. had left. He and I played a game of Carcassonne before he headed out, I won (yeah!).

Well, it was a long one. I didn’t get back to more of last week but oh well. Hopefully I can keep up on things a little now. This week should be a relatively easygoing week. I’m thinking that I’d rather not take on any future side jobs. I’m kind of feeling that the whole relationship building adventure is way better than being alone and working all the time. Well, it’s later than I’d hoped it would be. I’m heading to bed. Chow for now!

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  1. Yeah, that too…I was trying to keep this post as short as possible, that’s something I forgot to even mention. You’re in California…which is also why we won’t get matched up as I’ve got my preferences set to within 120 miles. 😀

  2. Alright catching up on stuff! John didn’t tell me that you beat him in Carcassone!! Nice job…..I don’t play that game because it’s to complicated (even though it’s not) 🙂

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