Quick Morning Post…

Ok, my logical analytical side and my creative side think too much [edit: and throw in my emotional nature, oh boy]. And it sucks! I’m kind of feeling the effects of that this morning. Grrr! Wish there was someway to fix my head. So this morning isn’t turning out to be the best. I forgot to set my alarm, woke up 10 minutes before I was to be at work, grrr. I made it into work by 7:15, not so bad. Well on to the grind I guess. Time to turn on some tunes and get my mind off of crazy thinking.

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  1. Hey sorry it was such a bad morning, I didthe same thing, but its worse when you know you need to wake up and get up but cant move! Every been there? yeah I thought so. Anyway, hope the rest of the day is better. God Bless!

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