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Weekend of Rest and Learning

Well, I have to say that it has been a pretty nice weekend of rest. I know that I haven’t been as regular in the blog posts. I’m still going to have to work to remedy that. I’ve actually half thought about adding an audio component to my regular blog. Since I’ve got this podcasting equipment it seems a shame to only be using it once a week. Also, I’ve gotten so many comments about my voice, why wouldn’t people want to sit and listen to me ramble. LOL 😛

I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned it, cause it’s been a few days since my last post, but on Thursday I had the opportunity to place a Skype call to Africa. I used a piece of software called Soundflower that creates a software audio device. I was able to then route the outgoing sound of Skype into my sound recording app. I was able to get it setup so that I could monitor everything, but still only actually record the other side of the conversation. I was originally planning on using Gizmo to place this call, only to find that Gizmo blocks calls to the country I was calling in Africa. BTW, this call was place for a project I’m doing. I won’t talk about it on hear much more as I don’t want information getting out there. You can ask me directly about this if you want more details.

Between last weeks podcast, and this weekend, God has been revealing some things to me. I’d encourage anyone to go over and listen to my podcast.

Well, this coming weekend I’ll be spending in the Twin Cities with Vanessa. I haven’t talked about her much as I’ve been trying to keep the speculations to a minumum. Neither of us really knows where this will lead. Our focus is putting Christ first in our lives, then building a friendship, and only God knows where things will go from there. I’ll have pictures to post from the weekend. And an incentive for people to listen to the podcast, I guess, is that I’m planning to have her on next weekends podcast as my guest. For the inquiring minds, this will be an opportunity for you to get to know her a little. I’m not sure when others will be able to meet either of us, as in her getting to know my people and visa-versa. There is a distance aspect that really makes things a bit more interesting.

Anyways, the Faith Shaping podcast made things a bit later tonight. So once again I’m up way later than I should be. So I’ll be leaving things here for tonight. Valette!

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  1. That’s ok – Veronica was my sister’s name – I’m used to being called that. Even my parents would call me Veronica sometimes.

    Tim – what is Valette? You use that a lot and I guess I don’t know what that is.

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