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Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done…

“…on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread…” As I read these words and the pages that went with them, in “The Passionate Life”, it was pretty obvious God was speaking to me concerning my evening. While I’m so thankful for all that God continues to teach me, I feel a small sense that perhaps He has other plans for me then the opportunity to share this life with someone else. I will be honest in that my heart feels a little torn. Not so much because of anyone else, only because it seems that the verse I have claimed and have placed at the top of my blog is truely being lived out in my life. This is not an easy thing. When you have had your heart set on something for so long, and you finally come to realize that those desires have been misplaced, it just hurts a little. As hard as it is to comes to grip with it, I think it’s time to follow God’s lead into a life as a single guy. I think it can only be through accepting this and living as such, with my whole heart given to and focus on Christ, that I will truely find the peace He would have for me. The loved I’ve longed to show to my own children someday can be given to many in need of it in this world today. I will have the opportunity to give care and love to the children of my friends, and the children of my siblings. I can trust in the knowledge that God knows what absolutely best for my life. I may not understand all that He has planned, I may question why He would choose things for me, but as I seek to follow Him in all that I do, I can know that He will always be by my side for comfort and the leading that I need. He gives me so many blessings and opportunities each day, many I know I take for granted. It is only the needs I have each day that I should be concerned with going to the Lord for. In this season on celebrating Christ’s entrance into this world, to bring us the only gift we’ve ever needed. It a time to be reminded that Christ is all any of us need.

I say say goodnight, I wish all those that I know God’s peace and blessings this Christmas. Goodnight.

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  1. In a short answer yes, but at the same time this is where God has me at this point in my life. I need to be following His lead, and as long as I’m keeping the focus on Him, and relying on His provision for each day, His plan for my life will be revealed in a small part each day. I guess it could be taken that I’m showing a lack of faith, however that isn’t true either. No one has the right to say that there is someone out there for me, as that may not be what God has planned for my life. There are those that God calls to a life of singleness. This is where I feel God leading me for this time, at least in the sense of surrendering this part of my life completely to Him. If I cannot be content in my time of singleness, then I think I will miss out on the joy God has for me in that.

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