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God’s Amazing Work

So I know that I haven’t been so good about keeping up my blog posts on a regular basis. It’s kind of amazing how even when life seems to settle down you don’t have time foe some of the simple things. I guess one issue I’ve been facing lately is not being able to get to sleep early, and getting up early. It just has kind of thrown things off a bit. I guess the other part of my lack of blogging is the fact that I’ve started the podcast as well. Even more is how much God has been doing in my life, which has kind of kept me from blogging. Like the fact that I have someone special that is apart of my life.

This has really been something that has been “in the works” for about the past 3 months. Most of you should already know who I’m talking about. I guess Vanessa and I have sort or arrived at the place where we both feel that our relationship has become more than just friends. We’re excited to see where God leads us. While this is a sort of big part of my life, God has also been working in another big way.

I have talked about, for some time, my feelings of being inside a Christian bubble that just seems comfortable and even easy. I’ve struggled with the thought of not really having and friends or aquintences that are not Christians. I’ve been feeling that what the church, as everyone around here knows it, isn’t enough for me. I’ve talked about my desire for authentic Christian community. Not compartmentalizing my faith. I want to be in a community of believers that wants to do relational ministry. Where has God brought me? He’s brought me to a point in my life where I feel ready for a huge change in my life. I don’t know where, or when, He’s going to move me. I do know that at some point in the probably near future I will be leaving behind a lot of things, people & where I live. I’m sure people will be sad to see me go, but my God is not my own, it is God’s to do with what He wills.

So yeah, that is where I’ll leave things for now. I’ll be looking to post more on the relationship stuff as I feel it good to do so. Valete!

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  1. heh heh…how you doin’

    er rather.

    glad to hear things are starting to gel. its pretty sweet i guess. shocks…pegs…lucky.

    so wait…when do i meet with her for her approval meeting and induction into the welgraven circle of trustees, should she past rigourous SAT like testing and water torture involving ducks.

  2. Hey,

    Congratulations on your new relationship. I think it’s ok to take some time off. You’ve done an excellent job in posting compelling comments.

    Take care,

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