First Work Morning, in the New Place…

So really yesterday was my first morning waking up in my new home, however this is the first morning that my work morning routine begins to take shape (at least until we return from our honeymoon). I’m going to have to keep this short for now.

These past couple of weeks, and now this week, have been amazing for my morning devotions. I struggled at the beginning of the year to want to go through one of the devotionals I had because I had already been through it a couple years ago. The amazing thing is over the course of the last couple of weeks, and now this one, the devotional readings have all been about marriage. This week talks about life after the honeymoon, which I know hasn’t happened yet, but it’s good to keep that in mind even before the wedding and honeymoon. The words to ponder this morning were “You’ll both get a lot farther and be a lot happier if you concentrate on fulfilling each other instead of perfecting each other”. As I thought about this, and what God commands of us, marriage is not at all about receiving it’s about giving. I’ve approached my relationship with Vanessa this way all along. I don’t understand why people insist on ignoring this part of marriage. God has called me to love Vanessa no matter what, that is exactly the kind of love that He shows me, how can I show any less to Vanessa (soon to be my wife). One of my desires is that God can use the marriage that Vanessa and I have in some way, that it always be pleasing in His sight. All I want is to do anything I can to help our marriage to be the kind of marriage God intended.

Well, the work whistle calls. Bfn…

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