Wedding Photos Available…and a Quick Update

Well, I know that I haven’t posted in awhile. Married life has changed things quite a bit for me, altough I know that even before being married I was lacking in the post, oops. Just some quick updates. Photos from the wedding are available (, hopefully we’ll get some honeymoon photos posted soon.

The honeymoon was amazing and life now is beginning to find some normalcy. I’m loving being married, especially to have a wife as amazing as Vanessa. We had such a great evening together last night! I know there are many of you that haven’t met her yet, but I really hope that you can sometime.

Well, I need to be heading to work soon here. I’ll try to get something more posted soon.

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  1. Well congrats on your wedding!!! Like the photos. Favorite shots were the butterfly on your lapel and the one of you and Vanessa right after that one. That looked like some arboretum you were in!

    God’s blessings to you and Vanessa!

    Your friend,

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