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Being More Social?

Well, I would say that basically I’m pretty social when it comes to being a geek. I can talk about more than just geeky stuff but give me someone that’s interested and I can definately talk geek. This is probably do to the fact that I listen to a ton of geek Podcasts. This reminds me that I need to put up some links to my Podcast favorites. I should really look at some other genres to add to my Podcast subscription list. Perhaps broaden my horizon a little. I do subscribe to a few of Christian podcasts and the President’s weekly radio address.

Well I didn’t intend on going off to talk about Podcasts. Today I just had some opportunities to have some good converstations with people. Ran into Jim, Ellie, and Scott during lunch at God Father’s. Caught up a little with Jim on what been new. Sounds like things are finally working out for Scotty to move into a place on his own and have a job in Fergus. Looks like he should be moving in a couple weeks. Jim & Ellie are pretty excited to have some time for just each other. I’m sure it’s been hard for them over the many years.

Jim Erickson invited me over for supper so I could help him get his cable/dsl router installed. This isn’t a very complicated process, but when I told him that there is some configuration that he should do on it he decided he’d like me to help with it. I’m glad he’s concerned about being safe on the internet. Too many people just slap their computer on the internet with no or poor protection. Nothing is worse that installing software or equipment thinking your protected, when in reality you haven’t configured it properly. This happens all too often. Well, we got him all setup and protected, and I got a great home cooked meal out of it. I feel like a bum with a sign saying “Will Work for Food”, LOL. ๐Ÿ˜€

I did find the free version of MoveableType, and I even installed it. I was thinking I might want to move over to that for blogging. They have a commercial version so my thinking was that it might be better than WordPress. The admin side of things looks very user friendly and slick, however it’s hard to find some pre-canned templates for it. And I really don’t have the time right now to spend doing a whole custom blog design. Maybe when I get some ambition, and if I get some docs that give me tips on using DreamWeaver to create the templates, then maybe I’ll move over to MT. By then I’ll probably have too much into WP that I won’t want to deal with the conversion. I may want to get good at doing templates for MoveableType if I think it could be a better system to use for the CLB ChurchWebs. With people having a hard time managing their ChurchWeb sites I feel I have a responsibility to come up with something better. Not sure if MT or WP would be better systems or not. I find that unless people are willing to put up with the crap the MS FrontPage creates there isn’t an easy dummies (please excuse the term, not meant to be an insult) system for managing websites. Honestly I think it’s in church’s best interest to find someone that know about web design and interested in doing it. I may be a little out of line. Perhaps I’m too big on websites being standards complient. The bad thing is that on the internet a website gives a first impression. For young people today if they see a church website that is pretty poorly put together they might assume that the church is not up with the times.

Well this post has gotten pretty long. I doubt anyones going to be interested in reading all my ramblings. Do I really care? That would be a big N-O. This blog really isn’t intended on being for anyone other than myself and anyone that’s interested with what I’ve been up to. For me it gives me a chance to kind of process my day. This is definately good when I really don’t get out much.

As a final note, got my lawn mowed, enjoyed cranking up some tunes while I hung out in the living room, and I finally checked out where the land fill is in town. LOL What a life, I get my kicks mowing and looking for a land fill. Oh well, I’m off to get some laundrey done and probably play some MOHAA, that’s Medal of Honor: Allied Assult for the unknowing. Till tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Tim:

    I hope that everything is going well with you. Just thinking back to that time when you called be ‘beanpole’ and had to laugh a little bit. Glad to see that you joined xanga. I really like the look of your website, nice job. Have a great weekend!

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