The First Disciples

(John 1:35-39) We see here that John the Baptist had disciples of his own. Actually, later in the Scriptures, Jesus gives us the great commission to go and make disciples. Now the disciples that John had were following him, until they heard and saw Jesus. Really, it was John that pointed his followers to go follow Jesus.

Something that is interesting, however, is the fact that John calls Jesus the “Lamb of God”. This was pretty early in Jesus main ministry and I wonder how many people really understood what that meant? Jesus being called the “Lamb of God” really meant that he was a sacrifice given by God. At the time most people were waiting for a Messiah to come and save them, but I don’t think they were thinking that the Messiah would be coming to die for them.

Obviously these first 2 disciples were very curious what Jesus was all about. They didn’t go up and just start asking him questions. They just started following him around. It wasn’t until Jesus approached them about it that they asked their first question and he simply responded with “come and see”. They were in for more than just seeing where Jesus was staying.

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