This One Goes Out to All The Analytics…

Ok, so is analytics even a word….guess so according to Websters. I think it’s a riot how I can take a situation and analyze it to death, then God comes in and tells me to just follow His lead. Am I slow or what. It’s so easy to forget, that despite our best efforts God’s still the one in control. Well this is just a short post this morning before I get ready. God is the best, yeah! Ok, until later! Chow! Do I like the word chow or what? LOL

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  1. yeah about taht chow stuff….we’re putting cover sheets on all the TPS reports. Did you get that memo?

    but wait what caused this post?

    was it my comment about mischa barton? it was wasn’t it.

  2. I even find myself telling God theres no point and nothing’s going to come out of it. Its amazing how easily we feel like we can play God. Its a good thing He knows patience
    talk to ya later

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