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God’s Working

tree-beach-golden-112702-oIn an effort to trying posting on a regular basis, here goes for the year. 🙂

Recently over the course of a few weeks I applied for a job, got 2 intrviews and was offered a job. The job, in-and-of itself, I would have loved, however it would have come at a great financial cost to my family, which would have made it much harder to either adopt again or think about buying a new house. I think what was most important that came out of the whole situation was the realization that neither me or my family has any real goals or plans for our lives. God really brought that to light, and really made it apparent that without that sort of plan in mind there is no way to be able to easily make thses kinds of life impacting decisions. I did seek some wise council through the process, which was good, but I still had a hard time making a decision withouth any real plans to bounce it up against.

In the end I chose not to take the opportunity, if only for the fact that I realized a couple of things. As a family Vanessa and I need to write down some goals, and using technology for ministry really has always been a passion of mine. That second part really has me thinking harder about what it means to find a new job. I’m not sure if this is God’s way of leading me back into full-time ministry or not. I do know this, I have a lot of prayer and time with God ahead of me to figure things out. I can say this, I believe God has more in store for me than what I’m doing right now.

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