WordCamp GR 2017 – Elementary, My Dear Coder – Nicole Paschen Caylor

Nicole Paschen Caylorhttps://github.com/nicolepaschen


  • The Hour of Code
    • Kodable – paid program, self-guided game
    • Tynker – tynker.com
  • Code Spark Academy
  • Computer Science Curriculum
    • Uses drag-n-drop code blocks
    • Points out more efficient ways of accomplishing task
  • ScratchJr – found on PBS Kids as well(provides more familiar characters)
    • Scratch – for older kids

Tips for Success

  • Site with your child
  • Explain things to your child as you go along


  • Lego Mindstorms
  • Hello World – book on Python programming
  • CS Unplugged – free, downloadable, offline, ages 9+

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