An “Easy” 5 Mile Recovery Training Run

Decided to hit some of what used to be a pretty regular route for me. I still tweaked it a bit though. Today was supposed to be an “easy” run but it was more of a “comfortable” run for me, basically if I was comfortable running a sub-8 minutes per mile then that is what I ran. Perhaps it could be considered a fartlek run I guess. However, with my typically inconsistent running pace ever run I do could be considered a fartlek run. Ha. I did also enjoy a shorter run listening to a worship music running set. I wish there were more of those with some more recent music.

I spent some time thinking about my former ministry cohort John Martinson and his family. John and I served a number of years together at Inspiration Point on the permanent staff. It blows me away to hear about his declining health, but I am amazed to hear of his wife and families’ faithfulness through this storm. That also prompted me to to lift up Inspiration Point and the amazing work they are doing to reach kids. They are now being blessed with an expansion of the ministry to a new site.

While today’s run wasn’t entirely focused on the clean water effort it still remains a time for me to spend listening to God.

Donate to Clean Water – https://timn.me/2t9D4ne

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