Fighting The Urge To Just Go Back To Bed

It was tough to get going this morning. After another rough night with my daughter not being able to sleep I had all I could do to not just go back to bed after the alarm went off. Once I actually got the pavement my pace was a slow start for sure. I’m happy to say though that by the end things had turned around. I did enjoy a good time in prayer and worship. I not only lifted up some recent needs, and praise, but I also lifted up the people in Sierra Leone that are still struggling to gather clean water for their families. I also lifted up our Enable The Children sponsored child and his family. I know that life is a struggle in general having a special needs child, and to be abandoned, shunned by your community, all on top of the general living conditions in Sierra Leone, life could seem pretty unbearable for Alimamy’s mother.

Donate to Wells in Africa – https://timn.me/2t9D4ne

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