It was tough to get going this morning. After another rough night with my daughter not being able to sleep I had all I could do to not just go back to bed after the alarm went off. Once I actually got the pavement my pace was a slow start for sure. I’m happy to say though that by the end things had turned around. I did enjoy a good time in prayer and worship. I not only lifted up some recent needs, and praise, but I also lifted up the people in Sierra Leone that are still struggling to gather clean water for their families. I also lifted up our Enable The Children sponsored child and his family. I know that life is a struggle in general having a special needs child, and to be abandoned, shunned by your community, all on top of the general living conditions in Sierra Leone, life could seem pretty unbearable for Alimamy’s mother. #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun #GRGus

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