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The Road Of Lifelong Learning To Be A Better Developer – Using Git Better

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As a developer and, in some areas, a perfectionist I’m always after better practices when working collaboratively. An I personally find value in the #commit history. As a user I appreciate detailed case from @ecampidoglio on the proper way to keep a clean commit history.

The Case for Pull Rebase

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  1. Something mentioned in the comments of the article is the danger in reconfiguring the defaults in the case that you are in another development environment. I can see that standpoint, and in that vain I’ve always gravitated to sticking with the command line for SCM rather than using some IDEs GUI integration of of the SCM tool. One nice feature of git is to use aliases and give yourself a shorthand, which of course when you find yourself using a development environment outside of your normal setup you’ll quickly recall the need to use the long hand to get what you are after.

    git config --global alias.hop 'pull --single-branch --rebase=preserve'

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