A Little Sprinkle To Liven Up The Run

I wasn’t sure what I was going to end up running in this morning when the forecast called for rain. It really only ended up being a tiny bit of drops here and there, but I was prepared either way. It’s interesting what you get used to after awhile of running. There was a time that rain meant a treadmill run. These days, unless there is life threatening weather you couldn’t keep me inside.

This morning while running I got to thinking about how much the world today seems to be trying to tear families apart. It’s very apparent that Satan knows that he can gain a foothold by attacking families. I see so many throw in the towel on their family all because they feel like the situation they are in is not what they signed up for. The reality is that if you get married, and if you have kids, you are signing up for it all. These days you should be expecting the entire realm of possible challenges for your marriage and your family. I’m not trying to come across pessimistic, I’m merely pointing out that husband, fathers, and parents aren’t willing to fight for their families. In some ways fighting for your family is like running a marathon. You are going to get to a point where you just want to give up, it’s too hard to go on, and that’s when you need to fight the hardest to finish.

God calls us to run with perseverance, and promises to run it with us. He makes it clear that this is a long distance run not a sprint.

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