Hope Network 1-in-5 Marathon HWI Relay Team

Friday Impromptu Race

Hope Network 1-in-5 Marathon HWI Relay Team

On Friday, June 7th, I had the opportunity to join a group of Team members as part of a marathon relay team. I was chosen to bring the team home running the last 6.2 mile(10K) of the relay. It was a tough run for me as my phone/watch wouldn’t work, other than music through my headphones, so I had no idea what my pacing was and no timer to keep me hydrated regularly like I’m used to. I felt like I was sort of running blind. When I saw the results tonight I was pleasantly surprised to see that I came in around the time/pace that I had hoped based on a training run I did earlier in the week. It was a tough run but happy to know that I was able to trust my training and run a solid race blind.

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