Running In The Heat, And A Johnny On The Way

Some may ask, after a few years of raising money for wells, “why more wells?”. What most don’t even think about is both the pros and the cons of a new well in a village. You may be surprised to even think that there could be a downside to a new well in a village. A new well not only provides for a village but now there are those outside the village they will come because the water source is closer. Some may even relocate to a village because there is a new water source that is readily available. So the reality of it is that the more wells there are for people the less strain there will be on a village, in more ways than one.

It was a challenging morning between the heat and getting half way through my run before a stomach issue. Fortunately, I found a porta-john on my running route.

Donate to Clean Water: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr

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